Enduring be our fealty to the school we love so well

Lourdes School, Quezon City is a Catholic, Filipino, and Marian, Franciscan-Capuchin school established in 1955 by the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin (OFMCap.) Anchored on a philosophy of life and education — Becoming Christ — LSQC commits itself to the integral formation of learners, citizens, persons as it provides and nurtures a Christian environment where man discovers and accepts issues and situations affecting himself, the country, and the church. The school develops Christian learners who approach and mirror Christ as they earnestly search for truth, the attainment of academic excellence and the critical assimilation of culture in the lift of faith. Moreover, it accepts a moral obligation to commit its learners to follow the poor and crucified Christ through the manifestation in their daily lives the values of:

Faith · Hope · Love · Justice & Peace · Service · Truth

in fidelity of the Good News of salvation, with the example and intercession of Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Francis of Assisi, towards integral formation and social transformation.

In brief, three main features characterize the school, namely: a strong academic emphasis, a rich formation in Christian Living and Franciscan-Capuchin values, and a positive climate of fraternal care and co-responsibility.

The following priority developmental programs support the planned actualization of the school's mission and vision.

  • Campus Ministry Program

  • Guidance Program

  • Social Action Program

  • Mastery and Enrichment Learning Program

  • Sports Program

  • School Health Program

These selected programs provide direct support and assistance to the students for their integral development. They are designed to enhance the quality of school life, to promote the students' sense of identity, well-being and achievement.

  The Lourdes School Motto: Pax et Bonum

The Franciscan greeting, PAX ET BONUM, is the common salutation of the whole Franciscan family.


Convinced that the Lord called him and his brothers to be messengers of peace, FRANCIS OF ASSISI confessed in his Testament: God revealed a form of greeting to me that we should say, "GOD GIVE YOU PEACE!". This greeting of peace became so important for him that he instructed his brothers to make this a form of greeting in the Rule of 1223: "Whatever house they enter, they should first say, Peace to this house" (Lk. 10,5).

In the early days of the Order, Francis sent his first brothers with these instructions: "Go, my dearest brothers, two by two into various parts of the world, announcing to men peace and repentance for the forgiveness of sins." Peace and forgiveness (repentance/salvation) are inseparable for Francis.

PEACE reflects the unity of the diverse aspects of creation and of our human experience in the plan of God. To wish peace for another is to take away from that person fear of your presence, fear of being manipulated.

There is a clear call for unity in this greeting; however, there is also a recognition of the diversity of created experience. In it we find a certain uniqueness which flows from the dynamic unity of "PAX", - a challenge to become vessels for the incarnation of "PAX" from individual to individual. "Become who you are."

"Recognize your place in God's creation." The promotion of the individual's wholeness and integration is the praxis that flows from the blessing "pax", "shalom", "peace". In the poem, "Canticle of Creatures", Francis, recognizing himself as coming from the very hands of God, reveals his integration standing side by side with all created things without any desire to possess or to manipulate. Hence, a peaceful person becomes united with all the creatures as brothers and sisters having only one Father, God, the Creator in Heaven.


"God looked at everything He had made, and found it very good" (Gen. l,31 a). Receiving life as a gift from our Creator, from His breath, creation cannot be other than good in itself. Everything He has created - grass of the fields, flowers, trees, animals and men - are good. God is supremely good ("total good, every good, all good" in the language of Francis) and since that divine goodness is self-effusive, its expression must also be good. Every being is good; in face, being is synonymous to good. Following the Franciscan approach to creation, we can say that creatures are but vestiges, shadows, images and similitudes of the supreme Goodness, according to their degree of perfection.

PAX ET BONUM expresses respect for goodness of all life. Flowing from a deep knowledge of the graced goodness of his own life as the first and most immediate expression of God's love which a person can know, he is led by his education to the acknowledgment and cultivation of the expression of the goodness of all life. By this knowledge of goodness in himself, he is led to affirm all else that is good in creation and to challenge all that would dehumanize or disorder God's good creation. Here follows the values of human dignity and life, of brotherhood of men, and of love for neighbor.

As a consequence, Christian education in the light of our Franciscan tradition is not a neutral process in which interesting and useful knowledge is dispensed: it is a process in which all information, all knowledge is to be brought into the service of man in his attempt to deal with basic questions of his existence. In this perspective, we refuse any division between the head and the heart of man; for man is both mind and heart, both intellect and will. We are concerned with both, for both are genuine human realities. The goal of such an education would be the development of the whole man - intellect, will and affections; aware of his origin and destiny the Supreme Good), aware of the deeper levels in the meaning of life, aware of his place and task in the world, aware of the primeval goodness of all creation. While accepting himself, he accepts others - in the very light of God's love for men. In this sense, PAX ET BONUM, Peace and all Good, Peace and Salvation - this is a greeting that brings out the plan of God for all His creatures.

  School Anthem

Lourdes Forever

Let us blend our tongues in praises
Let the years resound our voices
Enduring be our fealty
To the school we love so well

Though the years our
paths may sever
Sons of Lourdes, we'll ever be
And with joy thy praises
Sing so proudly
Cheering Alma Mater
Hail to Thee!

Comrades dear...
Let the song...
Echo clear...
Loud and long...
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Download the chords of Lourdes Forever

Did you know that...?
Our school anthem was composed by LSQC High School English Teacher Francisco "Gil" Raval (lyrics) and LSQC Bandmaster Dionisio Del Rosario (musical arrangement). It was written sometime in the early 60s.

LSQC High School Bldg.
LSQC High School Bldg.

LSQC High School Quadrangle
LSQC High School Quadrangle

High School Annex Bldg.
High School Annex Bldg.

Our Lady of Lourdes Church
Our Lady of Lourdes Church

  Location Map
      Kanlaon cor. Don Manuel St.
      Sta Mesa Heights, Quezon City
      Tel. no.: (632) 731-5159 loc. 114
      Fax no.: (632) 731-5127
Location Map

  The Lourdes School Logo

The Lourdes School logo has the following main features: three small crosses on both sides and two arms crisscrossed before a cross set against a background of clouds. Lourdes School QC Logo
The three crosses signify the Trinitarian dimension particular to Franciscan spirituality.

The bare arm is that of Christ who gave up his life for man's salvation. The sleeved arm is that of St. Francis of Assisi, who embraced the Cross of Christ which earned him the title "Mirror of Christ". He lived a life closest to Christ's by living the Gospel literally.

The big cross is significant of the means to "Becoming Christ'" a lifelong striving based in the heart of every Franciscan.

The clouds connote heaven, our home and destiny, in the bosom of the Supreme Good.

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